In order to make contact easier between the electoral institutions and bodies and the nominating bodies, an agent and a deputy agent shall be designated for every nomination. Candidates (for nomination in a constituency or on a Land list) or substitute candidates of European elections may also be appointed as agents; neither the legislators nor the regulation issuing bodies have established any incompatibility here.

The agent is vested with comprehensive representative authority concerning the nominations which may not be curtailed by the persons involved; however, the agent may be dismissed and replaced. As the agent, the deputy agent shall be entitled to make and receive binding statements concerning the nominations independently.

Legal bases

Bundestag election:

Sections 22, 23, 27 (5) of the Federal Elections Act (BWG)
Sections 34 to 36, 39 to 42, 44 of the Federal Electoral Regulations (BWO)

European election:

Sections 9 (6), 13 (1) of the European Elections Act (EuWG)
Section 32 (1) of the European Electoral Regulations (EuWO)

Last update: 13 February 2023