Press release no. 12/24 of 20. März 2024

2024 European election: first meeting of the Federal Electoral Committee on 29 March 2024

WIESBADEN – The Federal Returning Officer reports that the Federal Electoral Committee will decide on the admission of parties and other political associations at its first meeting on the 2024 European election. This meeting will be held in the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building of the German Bundestag in Berlin (entrance Adele-Schreiber-Krieger-Straße 1), Room 3.101, on Good Friday, 29 March 2024, at 11 a.m. Pursuant to section 14 (1) first sentence of the European Elections Act, the Federal Electoral Committee decides on the admission of the lists submitted by parties and other political associations for individual Länder and for all the Länder on the 72nd day before the European election. This day falls on Good Friday this year.

The Federal Electoral Committee consists of the Federal Returning Officer as Chair, eight eligible voters who have been appointed as assessors by the Federal Returning Officer, and two judges of the Federal Administrative Court. A deputy is appointed for each Committee member. The Federal Electoral Committee for the 2024 Election to the European Parliament has the following members:

Chair Dr. Ruth Brand
Federal Returning Officer
Deputy Heinz-Christoph Herbertz
Deputy Federal Returning Officer
Assessor Dr. Stefan Birkner (FDP) Deputy Daniela Masberg-Eikelau (FDP)
Assessor Prof. Dr. Michael Brenner (CDU) Deputy Jens Gnisa (CDU)
Assessor Ates Gürpinar (DIE LINKE) Deputy Katina Schubert (DIE LINKE)
Assessor Petra Kansy (CDU) Deputy Gabriele Hauser (CDU)
Assessor Dr. Anna von Notz (GRÜNE) Deputy Justus Duhnkrack (GRÜNE)
Assessor Roman Reusch (AfD) Deputy Carsten Hütter (AfD)
Assessor Dr. Johannes Risse (SPD) Deputy Heike Werner (SPD)
Assessor Amelie Singer (CSU) Deputy Björn Reich (CSU)
Member Petra Hoock
Judge at the Federal Administrative Court
Deputy Prof. Dr. Günter Burmeister
Judge at the Federal Administrative Court
Member Dr. Stefan Langer
Judge at the Federal Administrative Court
Deputy Dr. Stephanie Gamp
Judge at the Federal Administrative Court

Comprehensive information on the 2024 European election is available on the website of the Federal Returning Officer at

Important information:

All media representatives will require valid accreditation to enter the buildings of the German Bundestag.

All other visitors will be required to pass through security screening before entering the Bundestag buildings and present a valid form of identification. It is advisable to register at by Wednesday, 27 March 2024, 6 p.m., providing your surname, first name and date of birth. The visitors' data will be checked against the Police Information System (INPOL) and used for admission control. These data will be destroyed after the visit. Please bring your valid identity card or passport.

Those who have not registered in advance but wish to attend the meeting of the Federal Electoral Committee may come directly to the entrance of the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building (Berlin, Adele-Schreiber-Krieger-Straße). These visitors are advised to expect longer wait times, however, due to the necessary security checks.

The meeting will be broadcast live on the internet at It will be available subsequently in the Bundestag media library at


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