European Parliament election 2019

Germans abroad

Only persons listed in a voters’ register may vote. Germans living abroad who do not have a registered domicile in Germany are called German expatriates. They are not automatically entered into a voters’ register. If German expatriates wish to participate in European elections, they have to submit a formal application for entry into the voters’ register before each election.

No more applications possible!

Germans living abroad who do not have a permanent place of residence in Germany can no longer apply for entry in the voters’ register. The deadline for application ended on 5 May 2019. Exceptions are made only where it can be proven that the application deadline was missed by the Germans living abroad through no fault of their own (Section 24 (2) no. 1 of the European Electoral Regulations - EuWO).

Abroad only temporarily?

Germans who are abroad temporarily (for instance while on vacation) and still have a registered domicile in Germany will be entered ex officio into the voters’ register of their municipality. They may exercise their right to vote by postal ballot.

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Requirements for being entered in the voters’ register

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