Bundestag election 2021

Accessibility of voting

Voters with disabilities may exercise their right to vote in a self-determined way at elections in Germany. More attention is paid to ensuring that people with disabilities can participate in social life under equal conditions and lead self-determined lives.

Polling station accessibility is particularly important for voters with limited mobility. There are plans to increase the share of accessible polling stations. If the polling station indicated on the voter’s notification is not accessible, voters with disabilities may apply for a polling card so that they can vote in another polling station of their constituency which is accessible.

With ballot paper templates, blind and visually impaired citizens can cast their votes on their own, without the assistance of a helper. Ballot paper templates are provided free of charge by the Land associations of the German Association of Blind and Visually Impaired People (DBSV).


Information of the Federal Agency for Civic Education

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Information on accessible polling stations and helpers

Information for blind and visually impaired people