Polling card note

Whenever a person entitled to vote receives a polling card, the word “Wahlschein” (polling card) or the letter “W” is entered in the column provided in the voters’ register for notations on voting.

Persons who are entitled to vote in an election and have a polling card may cast their votes either by post or in any polling district of their constituency (Bundestag elections) or of the administrative district or town they live in (European elections). If such voters choose to vote by post, they have to return their polling card together with the postal voting documents. If they choose to vote at the polling station, they have to present polling card, which will then be retained.

Whenever there is a note in the voters’ register stating that a polling card has been issued to a specific voter, that voter will have to present the polling card or else will not be admitted to ballot box voting by the electoral board unless proof is presented that he/she has not yet voted.

This ensures that voters do not submit their votes twice.

Legal bases

Bundestag election:

Sections 30, 56 (6) no. 3 of the Federal Electoral Regulations (BWO)

European election:

Sections 29, 49 (6) no. 2 of the European Electoral Regulations (EuWO) 

Last update: 13 February 2023