Press release no. 08/24 of 27. Februar 2024

2024 European election: Union citizens also entitled to vote in Germany

WIESBADEN – The Federal Returning Officer reports that citizens of the other 26 Member States of the European Union (Union citizens) who live in the Federal Republic of Germany may vote in the European Parliament election in Germany, which will be held on 9 June 2024.

Since the 1994 European Parliament election, each Union citizen entitled to vote has been able to exercise their right to vote either in their Member State of residence or in their home country (country of origin). However, each Union citizen may exercise this right only once. Votes can only be cast by the Union citizens themselves.

Union citizens wishing to vote in the election of the members of the European Parliament from the Federal Republic of Germany must be listed on the electoral register of the municipal authority of their place of residence in Germany. Union citizens who were already on such a register in Germany for the 2019 European Parliament election will automatically be entered in the electoral register for the 2024 European Parliament election. They will receive their voter's notification by 19 May 2024. All other Union citizens wishing to vote in the 2024 European Parliament election in Germany must apply to be registered to vote by 19 May 2024. This also holds for Union citizens who had previously moved to a foreign country but now live in Germany again, or who were removed from the electoral register upon request. In cases of doubt, the municipal authority of the citizen's place of residence will provide further information.

The required application forms and more information on the exact conditions that apply to be eligible to vote in Germany and the steps to take to be added to the electoral register can be found on the website of the Federal Returning Officer ( under “European Parliament election 2024 → Information for voters → Union citizens”. The application forms are also available from the electoral offices of the municipalities.

Union citizens wishing to vote for candidates from their home country who are running for election to the European Parliament are asked to contact the competent authorities in their country of origin to cast their vote. The diplomatic missions of the countries of origin can provide further information on legal aspects and the relevant procedures. Those who were registered to vote in Germany for the last European Parliament election of 2019 must apply to the municipal authority of their place of residence in Germany by 19 May 2024 to be removed from the electoral register. The EU Member States share information to prevent EU citizens from voting twice, i.e. in both their country of residence and their home country.

Parties and other political associations can nominate Union citizens as candidates for the 2024 European Parliament election in the Federal Republic of Germany.


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