Press release no. 18/19 of 30. April 2019

2019 European Election: persons eligible to vote will receive voter’s notification by 5 May 2019

WIESBADEN – All persons entitled to vote who are listed in the voters’ register will receive a voter’s notification from their municipal authority by 5 May 2019 at the latest. The voter’s notification is evidence of the voter being listed in the voters’ register and, consequently, of his/her right to take part in the election.

The voters’ register for the 2019 European Election lists all persons eligible to vote who were registered with main place of residence at the registration office of their municipality on 14 April 2019, the 42nd day before the election. The voter’s notification also indicates the polling station where voters may cast their votes on 26 May 2019.

From 6 to 10 May 2019 the municipal authorities will make their voters’ registers available for inspection by persons entitled to vote during their normal opening hours. Citizens who have not received a voter’s notification by 5 May 2019 should immediately contact the election office of their main place of residence so that their eligibility can be verified.

People who were subject to an exclusion from voting rights and who have been entered into the voters’ register upon request or after objection will also receive a voter’s notification.

Those who lost their voter’s notification can nevertheless cast their vote. This requires that the voters concerned prove their identity by presenting their identity card or passport at the polling station.


For further information:

Office of the Federal Returning Officer
tel: +49 611 75-4863